2023 Social Media Success Strategies

Key Trends, Hacks and Best Practices


Register today for BoardroomPR’s 2023 Social Media Success Strategies: Key Trends, Hacks and Best Practices webinar taking place on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 10am. 


Create a winning

social media strategy.


Join us as we explore the latest social media trends and strategies for success, including the importance of an active online community, the rise of social search and how to use video to your advantage. 

✅Why and how your audience should determine your social media strategy

✅What is social search and how to optimize for it

✅How to leverage your own website’s data to drive content development

✅Best practices for getting in front of the camera

BONUS: Learn which platforms journalists prefer and the cost of using influencers! 

You’ll also leave with 8 video hacks that can help you engage your audience and produce data-driven videos and how B2B (yes, B2B) businesses can hack user-generated video.

Who is this webinar for?



Law Firms, Commercial & Residential Real Estate Developers, Banks, Non Profits, 
Healthcare, Hospitality, Education & More! 


Learn From Industry Experts


Don't miss out as we discover the strategies and reveal the insights you need to optimize your social media accounts for social search, engage your audience and measure success.


mara gordon

Mara Gordon

Mara Gordon is the Director of Digital Marketing.

She develops integrated campaigns that effectively reach target audiences through data-driven decisions. 

veronika vernachio-1

Veronika Vernachio

Veronika Vernachio is a Multimedia Account Executive.

She creates visual stories that engage and build audiences.